Placenta Encapsulation:

Greater Victoria – $200

Your Through Birth package includes:

  • Pick-up of placenta from your home or hospital within 12-24 hours of your call
  • Your placenta prepared and encapsulated (50 – 150+ capsules depending on the size of your placenta)
  • Delivery of your capsules back to you within 48 hrs of pick-up
  • Sachet containing the dehydrated umbilical cord for keepsake or burial
  • Nourishing postpartum tea or healing herbal sitz bath prepared by Twig + Stone Herbals
  • Placenta broth (optional)
  • Placenta print (optional)

If your circumstances are such that these fees are not accessible to you, please contact me for alternate payment solutions.

Rates may change depending on the cost of certification maintenance, equipment maintenance, time requirements – including being on call before your birth, as well as transportation and insurance.